I think this is the first time I’ve actually felt “old” on a birthday. After all, I’ve now been alive for a quarter of a century.


 Most of all, I am struck by how God’s plans for me are so much greater than any I could fashion myself. Life’s experiences have proven this time and time again. Aging is a beautiful testament to all the experience and (hopefully) maturing that takes place in our lifetime.

Here goes my 10 TIPS:

  1.  Love the body you were given. I’ve wasted so much time worrying about how I look and fretting about physical features that I can’t control. What’s the point? For so long I was insecure about my stretch marks and weight fluctuation. It’s until one day I said enough, is enough! It’s I get comfortable, or I make changes such as attending the gym.  Achieving total body peace may be tough. But being patient with yourself, being kind to yourself, and embracing self-compassion is a start.

  2.  Investing in yourself through diverse exposures, early on helps. If there is an opportunity to learn and grow through any step, taking that is the best gift for yourself. When you’re young, you have little need to keep focus on few things only. Exposure to a multitude of new experiences, be it sports, art, academic fields, having a peek makes connections to other fields so different in the future. 

  3. Over the years I’ve focused on enjoying the process instead of the outcome. It’s the most beautiful thing there is. Moments of frustration, doubt and even taking a step back. The one day you’ve got the results you’ve been waiting for. Don’t stop because your progress is a bit slower, the worst thing you could do is being impatient.

  4. Embrace uncertainty. Anything can change at any time. It’s great to have solid plans but being flexible in the face of change if crucial. So relax if things don’t go as planned. Take it easy. 

  5. Surround yourself with people who uplift and celebrate you. Your friends should make you feel good about yourself. That doesn’t mean they can’t call you out when they disagree with you, but it does mean they should do so respectfully.

  6. Logic vs Emotion : Struggles exist. There are a number of occasions where a conflict arrises between your brain and your heart. It’s not easy to resolve. There is no generic solution either. You might just have to deal with it, and go one way. Striking a balance

  7. Experiences over things. How many times have you heard that one eh? I will admit,  I don’t always follow this rule when it comes to clothes.  I feel  you are defined by not a sum of all materials you possess, but you are defined by the cumulative set of experiences you’ve had. However, if there are certain cases that the material could directly enhance your experience, then you have a choice. Sometimes treat yourself to some expensive items :)

  8. Save money by learning to do things yourself. I make my own wigs, photograph myself (when I can) and do DIY projects. Sure, doing things on your own may not be as glamorous but it sure saves me hella dough. Now I just need to learn how to to make do my own nails haha.

  9. Success of people you know, is your success too. If your friends and family succeed, there is so much for you to gain from it. That is why it is so amazing to help others achieve what they set out to do for themselves. Wanting the best for others, has its own self interests, and altruism in equal proportions of mutual exclusivity.

  10. Happiness, I have made that my mission in all that I do. Work, relationships and life. If it doesn’t give me peace & sanity. Then I do not want it.