About Us


Travel is about going beyond the destination. It’s about discovering memorable experiences and finding the right set of people to share them with. And so, the group trips are curated for bringing together a community of travellers who share common interests and a curiosity about the world around us.



I  organise and lead small-group journeys for like-minded travellers. Our groups range from women-only travellers to group travels for yoga, bikers to wine lovers. On request, we’ll even help you create a customised journey for your own private group!


Our journeys feature personal interactions with local communities, cultures, arts, music and food, but what makes our trips stand out are our travellers. Like you, they love new adventures with new friends, exploring the unfamiliar, and enjoy sharing stories and moments of (self) discovery with their crew.



  •  Hotels are 4-star and above only, well rated by guests

  •  Located near city centers, central landmarks or scenic landscapes

  • Both single-room and twin-sharing options offered


Curated list of the destination’s most popular and offbeat sights seen differently 


Immersive experiences with locals, from dance lessons to expert culinary sessions


-- Breakfast included on most days

A gala welcome and farewell dinner

 -- Plenty of sampling the local cuisine, at both restaurants and local families

 -- Plenty of sampling the local beverage too! There will be pub crawls, food tours and wine tasting

Me Time

  • Wander and explore at leisure on ‘me time’ days

  • Complete freedom to do what you want with free time



It was such lovely experience. Such amazing personalities and adventurous spirits there and you went the extra mile to make each of happy with every little detail, it definitely didn’t go unnoticed waiting on girls trip 2 already!


Loved every minute of the trip! Built such an amazing sisterhood, we laughed from the beginning till the end of the trip!


Most amazing experience, considering we were strangers to each other! It felt like we had own each other for years, the laughter, stories and memories made are special.


Q. How do I pay? What options do I have?

A. A 50 non refundable deposit is only required to secure your place, accepted via bank. The remaining balance is due months before the trips. Payment plans are available eg. £800 trip, you can pay £100 a month 8months before trip. 

Q. What is your group size?

A. I value the dynamics and intimacy of a small group and therefore restrict it to around 15 people. Our travellers are friendly and open-minded, and at the end of your trip, you will return with new friends, memorable experiences and incredible stories.

Q. What all are included in your trips?

A. A comprehensive list of inclusions and exclusions is mentioned in the intinerary, but across all our trips, we have these in common: airport transfers, breakfast, hotel accommodation, unique experiences. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BOOKING FLIGHTS.

Q. Spending money?

A. It is dependent on your spending habits. A guide is given with a suggested amount based on recommended excursions, dinner and lunch.

Q. How safe is it to travel with you?

A. Your safety is our number one priority and I design our travel journeys keeping this in mind. This year I have been able to contact the tourism boards and there will always be access to emergency contacts.

Q. Travel Insurance?

A. Please ensure you have valid travel insurance, in case of any emergencies. Travel insurance is not included in the group trip.

Q. Room Allocation?

A. Rooms are based on two individuals sharing, it will be chosen on random selection. 

Q. Who can join this trip?

A. A vast majority of the scheduled trips are suitable for people above 18 years old only.

Q. Which cities do travellers come from?

A. Our travellers come from all over, mainly the UK & Europe. This year we have a few ladies from Africa, on board to join.

Q. Visa applications?

A. Please do contact me if you require assistance and evidence to apply for a visa. Also keep updated on Brexit changes.