belgium with eurostar 

What a way to close summer right? Being whisked away by the EuroStar team was an absolute dream.


Our day started early, meeting at King Cross International Station. Here I was introduced to all the budding travellers, then provided with our tickets and a quick overview of our day ahead. After exchanging a couple of stories, laughter and we arrived in the Brussels. 

Years ago as as teenager, I had the opportunity to be part of an exchange program in Belgium. Whilst living, and working in Brussels I had limited time to experience all the touristy activities. So this trip, was the perfect time to mark off the activities I wanted to do. 

Immediately I was welcomed with fascinating  architecture, and history packed into every street and alleyway. From the hidden away Grand Place in  the centre of the city, to including in my favourite waffles at Maison Dandoy and stumbling across popular artistic murals. After all the fun, we returned in the first class carriage. All I can say is, it is definitely worth every penny. The food, ambience and service was exceptional.


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 Here’s a look at my favourite activities.


We love street art in every place we visit, so it was one of our top things to do in Brussels. Brussels takes street art to a different level, actually creating a Comic Book Route that pays tribute to well-known local comic characters and authors.


Stepping into the Grand Place, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the beauty and size of the lavish historic buildings on all sides of the square. Everywhere you look, tourists are picnicking, chatting, searching for a prime spot for a late-afternoon beer, and trying to fit the tops of the buildings into the perfect selfie. 


The Mont des Arts, or Kunstberg, is exactly as the name says, the “hill of the arts.” In this area that separates the upper and lower parts of Brussels, visitors can experience almost every conceivable artistic activity. 


Even if you only have one day in Brussels, indulging in a delicious waffle should be at the top of your list.At many waffle stands in Belgium, the waffles are re-heated, which is no bueno. At their counter and in the tearoom, Maison Dandoy makes everything to order, and the difference in quality compared to those other options is night and day.


Brussels is ideally located for day trips in Belgium because you can reach lots of different places in an hour or less. Take a canal cruise and gawk at the merchant houses in Bruges or fall in love with the Town Hall and drink at the world’s longest bar in Leuven. In Antwerp, you can see the workshop of Peter Paul Rubens and visit the world’s only UNESCO World Heritage museum. In Ghent, you can see the city from the belfry, fall in love with all the gorgeous towers, and be back in Brussels by bedtime.


Cantillon Brewery (aka Brasserie Cantillon) is one of the best places to visit in Brussels for beer fans. This historic brewery makes only lambic beer, which spontaneously ferments with wild yeast, compared to most beers on the market that have a tightly-controlled fermentation process with specific strains of brewer’s yeast.

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