Dubai surpassed all my previous preconceptions on a massive scale, it’s about ten times the size I imagined. Everything about the country just screams luxury, in a way that isn’t vulgar. From the serene man made beaches, to an actual aquarium inside the mall. Probably the most awe inspiring trip, transforming a desert to a paradise. If that isn’t impressive, then what is?


Language: While Arabic is the UAE’s official language, English is the language of business and is spoken by almost everyone in Dubai.

Currency: Dirham (Dhs).

Credit Cards and Banks: Cash is still king here. While most places accept credit cards, it’s best to always carry small change.

Climate: Summers are extremely hot in Dubai. Daytime temperatures are sometimes over 106 degrees while nights rarely fall below eighty-eight degrees. Winters are much more comfortable with temps between sixty and seventy-five degrees.

Alcohol: The minimum drinking age is twenty-one and there are areas where photography is prohibited, so watch out for signs.

Dress Code: It can get very hot in Dubai, but you should be aware of keeping your clothes more on the conservative side. Be sure to pack light layers with a few long-sleeves and full length bottoms.


From the Airport: Book a Marhaba Bronze “meet and greet” service, however I would also advice booking a transfer before hand

Public Transport: It’s forbidden to eat or drink in the metro (and that includes chewing gum). Cabins are reserved for different categories, like women only and gold class, so watch the signs. Sleeping is not allowed in stations.

Taxis: Book a cab by calling 04-2080808. Cabs have a minimum meter charge of Dhs 12. There’s also a Salik charge if you need to go through a toll road.

Boats: A lot of attractions in Dubai are on or near the water so there are water ferries and taxis that run at 10 A.M., 12 P.M. and 5:30 P.M. You can also take a ride on a traditional “Abra” boat down Dubai Creek or through Souk Madinat Jumeirah.

Bike: There are city paths throughout the city that make it easy to bike! You can rent a BYKY bike at a curbside station and return it when you’re done.

Here are my recommendations:

Desert Safari Tour

Your trip will be incomplete without a trip to the desert. Here you'll get to ride some camels, ride some quad bikes and - most importantly enjoy a buffet dinner with belly dancers.

Bathed in historical glory is another cultural spot, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. I Would recommend hiring out a car so you can do thing at your own pace. Every year, thousands of tourists throng this place of worship to witness its awe-inspiring structure. The mosque is one of the few that welcomes non-Muslims to view its interiors, from its intricately carved pillars to its rich carpets, and its opulent chandeliers to its grand prayer hall.

In Dubai Creek and the Madinat Souk – which are reportedly the biggest in the Middle Eastern region – is actually more a series of streets lined with glass-fronted shops all packed to the rafters with dazzling diamonds, sparkling silver and, of course, lots and lots of gold. A major tourist attraction, this place is always busy and the bustling atmosphere simply adds to the experience.

By strolling around or relaxing at a café in Dubai Marina, you can enjoy a beautiful view of several yachts in all shapes and sizes.

My all-time favorite for activities on the yacht is partying. Dubai’s yacht parties are a super fun way to enjoy some sun, water, good food and great music. It’s easy to organize one of your own by hiring a yacht in Dubai. I

How was your Dubai Experience?


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