Situated on Turkey’s beautiful Turquoise Coast, the town of Kalkan is a sophisticated seaside resort with breathtaking views. It has a unique blend of cosmopolitan and modern nightlife, dining and shopping and a traditional, timeless charm.

After months of planning and getting excited we hopped on our flight to Kalkan for my birthday getaway. Once we landed, I went through immigration and I turned around expecting my auntie to follow behind. Sadly not, immigration denied her entry. - Long story short ( After weeks of calling the embassy, they reassured my auntie's passport did not require a visa) To our surprise, this was not the case, minutes of back and forth we landed at the ultimate decision of me entering without her :(

After crying, much reassurance from her - I embarked on my first trip. I was bit apprehensive as you might've seen on the news about Turkey's unstable government and violent protests. Thankfully Kalkan was peaceful. Stepping out of the airport, I was welcomed by taxi driver. As the driver sped through the dark and empty roads I felt overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by my first solo travel experience and the absolute fear of what this experience will hold.

​Quickly all fear was gone once he stopped by the petrol station and bought me chocolate ... Yes food is the way to my heart. Then he guided me safely to my apartment, carried my luggage inside, shook my hand, and wished me luck.

Day after day, I gathered myself together and truly immersed myself into the mansion with scenic views. After getting comfortable with my surrounding, I rented out a car and explored the streets of

of the old town, there is something to discover around each corner.

The cobblestone streets, the renovated Greek houses, the play of light and shade, and the presence of color everywhere makes you curious to go and explore each corner. And if all this exploring makes you hungry or thirsty, you’ll have a hard time picking ‘the one’ out of all the authentic Turkish restaurants.

Kas Beach Kalkan

How was your first solo trip?


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