Day 312 since the lockdown began. *screams*

With limited options to travel out of the country, staycations are the next best thing right? Emphasis on a responsible staycation. By this I mean, ensuring yourself and friends test before and after your escape. You owe it to yourself, and those in your community. No negative test, no entry.

Now back to this staycation, this two bedroomed apartment is located in Southend. I know you’re laughing at the location too, it’s definitely not part of the travel bucket list. You’ll be surprised at the gems within your radius, don't be shy to explore.

They nailed contrast of the black and grey interior, however it’s COLD.

It was once an office space, so not much insulation was placed to increase warmth.

What’s there to do outside?

Absolutely nothing apartment from the beach, the apartment is located on a busy high street. You’d never guess something so luxurious is tucked away here. To minimise your risk, I'd suggest soaking up all the fun inside.

The owner provides key codes to enter the building, avoiding contact to reduce COVID transmission.

What should I take with me Tanaka?

Extra Blankets for warmth!

Vibes & food ( Uber eats and deliveroo is available)

Co-op & boots across he road, so don't panic about necessities



Have you recently had staycation? How was it?


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