Here we are!? Home, thinking of all the fun things to do during this moment of chaos. Watching various shows, from docs to trash tv has become my new normal.  During your free time, check out some of my favourites: 

 1) The QUEEN of content and memes!

New York, deserves accolades for being hilarious. Once a month I watch this, it always has me in stitches.



2) If there's one thing British media are great at? It's police drama's, I am addicted! So much suspense and unpredictable plot twists. 

Series 1- 3 on Netflix and BBC iPlayer

3) Again Killing Eve, is another well produced British soaps with Sandra oh from Grey's Anatomy. It's only available on BBC iPlayer. Series 1-2

4) As a Zimbabwean, I have been waiting for this moment right here! After Gringo and Studio 263, this could be the next best series? Loving it.

5) By now you would've gathered my love for crime and detective soaps.This drama tells the astonishing true story of Israel's most prominent spy, Eli Cohen, who infiltrated the Syrian government in the 1960s.

6) Ever wondered why borders existed? Well this series by Vox,explains the history of many countries division.

8) Over the years, MTV have successfully addressed issues for the youth in Africa. Shuga Nigeria and South Africas are great shows, covering sex, HIV, homophobia and abuse.

What are you currently watching?

Let me know what's on your mind