As a frequent flyer, I’m constantly asked how I pack & what I pack. For me, successful packing means fitting everything that I could possibly need in only a carry-on bag. Ahead, I've shared some of my travel must have's and tips and tricks from packing a carry-on like a pro to staying camera-ready while you're jet-setting this summer. Click here to see more and watch me pack!

Here’s a few!  I call it my starter travel “Bible,” if you will.

Claim it, Protect it!

Things can get hectic during the race to deplane. It's vital to make sure you have the correct travel documents for your visa. Please provide your passport some TLC by protecting it with a passport cover. You can travel with style with HEMA'S a super cute cover, I really love the poker dot colours and detail of the plane! Oh yes, it’s important to keep a tag on your to ensure your belongings will get back to you in case of a mix up. 

Broke & Bougie

When travelling you want to have access to money at all times, and on the other hand, you want to have that access as cheaply as possible. One of my biggest pet-peeve about travelling is losing money for no reason. Hidden accommodation fees (*cough cough*Airbnb cleaning costs )…

But now Monzo has landed into my life and changed the way I travel.  Monzo don’t charge any fees for using the card abroad, whether that’s at shops and restaurants or withdrawing money at ATMs. Say Goodbye to those £6 bank charges ! 


5 Things I Love About Using My Monzo Card Abroad

I used the Monzo prepaid card on my recent trip to Iceland, and found a few really great benefits…

  1. Real time notifications. The moment a transaction goes through, you receive a notification on the app. It lists the cost in both pounds and the currency you paid in.

  2. Categorising how you spend your money. On the spending section of the app it groups all of your spending by categories such as eating out, holidays, transport and entertainment. If you’re on a budget, this is a great way to keep track of where your money goes. You can even order by merchant i.e. see how much you spend at Starbucks each month!

  3. Detailed summaries. Each transaction has the name and address of where you were, plus drops a pin on a map!

  4. In app chat. I haven’t had any problems, but I really like that they offer 24/7 real-time chat via the app.

  5. Neon! Let’s face it, there’s no brighter card out there. It’s easy to find in your purse, and certainly puts a smile on my face when I use it!​

Power Hungry

This is the best power bank EVER! Once I charge it on full, it lasts me up to 5 days. I get to charge my phone and camera simultaneously.  

How Small Can You Go?

So you’ve picked your fancy shoes, and organised your clothes, but now comes the tricky part—figuring out how to bring all your liquids and personal healthcare items onto a plane without having them confiscated at the airport or leak all over your clothes in transit. Don't worry. This  travel set by HEMA,  ITS ONLY £4 ! It comes with empty bottles , interlocking pots, clear bags and labels. It’s help me minimise the products I take on holiday, I enjoyed using this for my ASC products.


 Think Multi-use Products -  Finding one product to do the job of several makes great packing sense because it will both lighten your load and reduce your costs. There are several natural products that eliminate the need for chemical-laden products, too. Argan oil, for example, can be used as a rich body moisturizer, a hair conditioner, and a remedy for acne and bug bites. Coconut oil is the holy grail of multi-use, natural products. You can use it as a moisturizer, a hair conditioner, a shaving cream, a makeup remover, and a post-sun skin soother. 


What are your hot tips when it comes to organizing a toiletry bag? Anything you'd add to the mix? Toss in your two cents in the comments section.

''Hair Smell Like the Tropics''

ASC are a black owned business and they stock exclusive products like Carol's Daughter that are hard to get hold of in the UK. They also provide luxury hair extensions.


For my Iceland trip, they were kind enough to send me products. If you watch my video, you'll understand how dry and tangled my hair got - especially after the silica water in the Blue Lagoon. 

My hair is corse & I've had multiple failures with a wash and go! So I am extremely pleased with my Auntie Jackie's Shampoo and Conditioner, both extremely lightweight and moisturizing product perfect for low to high porosity hair, transitioning sisters, relaxed sisters and natural sisters. This leave in is all encompassing defines your curls and is a must have staple in your hair care regimen! Can be used daily or weekly as needed.


For my trips, I squeeze these gems into the Hema travel set & I'm ready to go!

Will definitely be buying this.

So, do ya want a little bit of shimma shimma  

I am a complete lover of all things bronze, and this gem by the Body Shop  - provides a lovely all over glow. 

This product is scented, smells like a very muted honey not too sickly which is good.  The formula is light weight and non-greasy and soaks easily into the skin with very little or no drying time. & A little goes, a long way with this.


It’s perfect if you want a sun kissed look all year around, I usually add some baby oil and honeeeeey my legs are POPPIN! 

Go Chasing Waterfalls

As a spontaneous traveller I never know where my holiday will take! So I always take swimwear, because I might end up in some hot springs or chasing waterfalls. I love this crochet bikini, fits perfectly for my curvaceous ladies. It's also available in different colours. Thank me later :)

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