Santorini, Greece

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  ''I left my heart in Santorini''

When you think of the Greek Islands, the first picture that comes into your head is the white cliffs of Santorini. I have dreamed of visiting this place since I was little and its everything i expected!

Up until this visit, I thought that whenever I got married, I would want to honeymoon in Zanzibar. Change of plans! Santorini wins hands down. Beautiful doesn’t even captivate just how magical it was, we mostly just wandered around saying “wow” and repeating to each other how breathtaking it all was.


My 21st birthday was nothing short of stunning views and delicious greek cusine.


Booked on Expedia - Easy Jet flights (London Gatwick to Thira) and all inclusive accommodation at Apanemo Hotel.


We rented a car for the for the duration of our stay because we were worried about the buses being overcrowded and slow with the taxi strike still in effect. It was such a relief becuase we got to stop for as many photo ops as we wanted, something I don’t think a bus driver would have been so keen for, no matter how nicely I asked.

  • Santo Winery(Pyrgos) The wine will get you lit quickly, especially if you’re dehydrated so be careful! 
  • cable cars over looking the beautiful sea
  • boat tours (Inc.volcano tour)
  • archeological sites
  • Hiking Trail Fira - Oia and Sunset SPA!
  • The black sand beach is HOT! The pebbles are from volcanic origin and you should bring closed toed shoes. 

  • You cannot drink the tap water so stock up on bottled water. 

  • Don't forget that you are in Europe and topless beaches are a thing.

  • If you plan on traveling via ferry, book it ASAP! 

  • All roads lead to Fira! If you plan on staying elsewhere like I did, just know that you will pass through Fira quite a bit.

Book during off - peak season (April - May) for fantastic deals available.


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