Travelling back home is always a huge mix of emotions, mostly excitement to experience the beauty that is Zimbabwe from visiting Victoria falls and fulfilling my roadside roasted corn cravings. Then of course some fear creeps in, as you will witness the nations shortcomings.


Being a child of diaspora you often feel stuck in the middle. Do I belong in Zimbabwe or in the UK? Where do you fit? For me it’s a mix of both, I feel a sense of overwhelming peace of being immersed in my culture, family and scrumptious food.  However you are often reminded that your are not quite “fully Zimbabwean” when you slip up on words, cultural practises and of course your appearance.


In 2018 I travelled to Zimbabwe twice. The first leg, was a trip in August which was much more of an emotional journey , as I witnessed my grandfather slowly loose his battle to Cancer. During this trip, I also drove in Zim for the first time! Bet you are thinking ''girl you are crazy?'',  haha it's actually not as bad as people exaggrate. I actually learnt to drive in Zimbabwe before obtaining my license in the UK, as it's cheaper. So you can say I am familiar with the technics, my only advice is to keep a safe driving distance from the Kombi drivers and be aware of pot holes. 


 Following that I returned in December with my diaspora friends and family. With both trips I managed to keep myself occupied by exploring the beauty in Zimbabwe, experience fine dinning and the country’s best festivals. 

As for money, with the constant change of currency. When you do read this, this might be invalid haha. But during the time I visited I opened up an account with Steward Bank, it took less than 5minutes and all I needed was any form of identification. After I managed to get my fathers friend who is a banker to convert my ££ into $$. The rate at the time was £1:4, so the pound still had a huge purchasing power.

places to visit

Zimbabwe is filled with loads of fun activities which can be easily tailored to your preferences. 


This historical place is perfect for an intermediate hike. You'll get the most scenic view, plus its only 30min away from Harare.

Safari Parks

Get up and close with nature at Lion and Cheetah Park

Bushman Rocks, Pamuzinda Safari, Hwange

National Park, Matobo National Park, Mana Pools National Park

Mukuzvisi Woodlands

Looking for somewhere to horse ride? Look no further, this place is located within town. For only $15 you get to horse ride, whilst being in the company of beautiful animals. 


Victoria Falls

Did you really visit Zimbabwe if you didn't go here? Well Vic falls is one of the world eight wonders, and trust me pictures do not serve this place justice. If you ever visit during December period, be sure to hit VicFalls Carnival! I lost my voice, so surely that should be a testament of how great the event was. Go and see for yourself and thank me later!




places to eat & stay

Struggling with where to dine and stay? Well look no further...

Bushman Rocks

Located about 35-40 min away from Harare. This is the perfect day trip, or weekend getaway. They hosted us for my cousins birthday, we had  a three course lunch, wine tasting session and safari tour. It was so beautiful.


Great Zimbabwe Hotel

Located in Masvingo, the hotel is only sought after for its close proximity to the ruins but for its hospitality. Our hotel experience was amazing, the staff went above and beyond to ensure we were comfortable and to top it off  they provided a tour of ruins.


The Gallery Cafe

How dreamy right? This beautfiul restaurant is located in Mount Pleasant offers the most delicious brunches, lunches and dinner with a garden theme.  They also sell antiques and collectables. My family and I had the pleasure of dining here for their Christmas buffet lunches, and all I can say is I went to straight to sleep after. haha


Feeling hungry?

I have three favourite spots in Harare! For lunch love the fish monger in Avondale, not only is it close to my house but they serve delicious seafood! For that perfect day drinks, hookah and over due catch up, I adore The Space Boutique, which also has a spa & a shop selling gorgeous fashion pieces by Zimbabwean designers such as Shoko. Lastly for that romantic dinner, the Amazi restaurant offers that beautiful African chic feel serving up delicious cusine. 

Let me know what's on your mind